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Medway School of Pharmacy
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Principal Scientist

Dr Edward Wright BSc PGCLTHE PhD

After completing his BSc degree in Virology at the University of Edinburgh Edward successfully studied for a PhD in Molecular Virology from the University of Cambridge  (  Within the Department of Medicine his research concentrated on factors that control human cytomegalovirus gene expression.  Following this he was able to secure funding to undertake research in Uganda for 18 months at the Medical Research Council/Uganda Virus Research Institute Research Unit on AIDS ( These studies included investigating the role various co-infections and cytokines play in HIV disease progression.  Prior to his appointment as a Lecturer in Medical Microbiology at the University of Westminster Edward was a Post-doctoral Research Fellow at University College London (  During this time he undertook experiments to further our understanding of highly pathogenic viruses such as rabies/lyssaviruses and HIV.

Within the School of Life Sciences Edward's research studies will continue to concentrate on the pathogenicity and antigenicity of viral zoonoses, using the results to aid development of novel methods for their control.




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Dr Adele McCormick BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD

Having gained my BSc (hons) in Biochemistry and Microbiology from the University of Sheffield in 1993, I moved to the University of Sheffiled Medical School, whereby I undertook a MSc in Clinical Pathology and my doctorate in philosophy (PhD). My doctorate research studies involved constructing chimaeric fusion proteins to ehnance the immunogenicity of recombinant gp120 of HIV-1 for vaccination. I then completed a two year postdoctoral position at the same University that expanded on my PhD scientific findings.

Since 2002, I have undertaken several postdoctoral positions at University College London, whereby I have gained research experience in a wide variety of disciplines 1) Construction of AAV and Lentiviral based vectors encoding huFIX to be used in gene therapy for the treatment of Haemophilia B. 2) Quantification of reverse transcriptase activity using F-PERT in serum and CSF of patients with sporadic ALS. 3) Performing genotypic and phenotypic resistant testing to detect the impact of viral variants in HIV-1 gag-pol genomic regions on drug resistance and viral fitness.
In 2010, I moved to the Department of Virology, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, where I was employed as a HIV-1 Healthcare Scientist

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PhD Student

Emma Bentley

In September 2013 I received my BSc (Hons) degree in Biomedical Science from the University of Westminster. My final year research project, titled ‘Construction of a Single-Chain Fragment Variable from STRO-1 Antibody’, involved heavy use of PCR and cloning techniques. Whilst studying for my degree I undertook a summer studentship, supported by the Society for General Microbiology, at the University of Westminster (VPU Fitzrovia) on the ‘Development and characterisation of a pseudotype virus for measuring antibodies to Schmallenberg virus in British livestock. During this time I worked on the isolation of glycoprotein domains, which I separately ligated into a recombinant vector and carried out initial transfection and infection studies. In September 2013 I started my PhD. My research is focused on studying the antigenicity of highly pathogenic zoonotic virus envelope glycoproteins through the use of pseudotype viruses, with particular focus on the Bunyaviridae and Rhabdoviridae families.